Batch Plants

TECO designs and constructs complete batch plants and batch and cullet handling systems. Batch plant modernizations are also a specialty and include:

  • Economical construction; structures built for any location worldwide
  • Mechanical or pneumatic materials handling to suit the application
  • Designed and constructed with provisions for future capacity expansion to meet increased production requirements
  • Plant layout is designed for ease of maintenance
  • The latest in control technology featuring fully automated control systems

Glass pack efficiency is directly related to batch plant performance. TECO has designed and built 20 turnkey
batch plants and modernized 70 additional batch processes since the 1970s. TECO batch plants are
designed with the total glass making process in mind. For example, the weightment accuracy of each raw material
and the homogeneity of the mixed batch are designed to meet or exceed the quality requirements of the
glass product being produced.