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Recent Projects


The image to the right is the setup for a customer’s celebration held inside a newly constructed TECO furnace.


There are numerous variables and considerations that can affect furnace selection. The single most important aspect in the construction or modernization of a glass manufacturing facility is this: seeking out a firm with the experience and capabilities to offer unbiased solutions for a wide range of glass industry projects. That is because no one solution “fits all” when it comes to glass furnaces, and to optimize the glass manufacturing process, the best solution should be a custom fit. TECO provides this total service.

Float Glass Furnace Projects

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Float Furnace under Construction

TECO has six float glass furnace projects at this time, one (1) new furnace and six (6) modernization/rebuild projects. Each furnace incorporates the TECO patented SUPERFLUE®, for maximum fuel efficiency while extending the life of the regenerators.

This project brings the total float glass projects to:

  • 12 Turnkey Float Glass Plants
  • 65 Float Glass Furnaces
  • 57 Float Glass Furnace Rebuilds

TECO has constructed some of the most fuel efficient float furnaces in the industry. TECO furnace campaign lengths are now reaching over 15, and even up to 20 years.


Container Glass Furnace Projects

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TECO recuperative furnace

Typically used for soda lime container and continuous strand fiber glass (E-glass)

TECO designed and built a 170 metric ton per day recuperative furnace for the melting of soda lime container glass. The furnace is similar to the photograph (left), except twin recuperators were used. The furnace is natural gas fired using a low NOx firing system.

The melter incorporates a weir wall and bubbler system. Provisions for an electric boost, at a later date, are included. The melter and distributor are controlled by a PLC based control system.


Fiberglass Projects

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Textile fiberglass plant


An E-glass type fiberglass plant, shown in the first picture in the slide show, was commissioned in China for the purpose of producing 7-10 micron fiberglass. The capacity of the furnace was 65 metric tons per day (72 U.S. tons per day).

TECO designed the batch plant, recuperative furnace, channel and forehearths. TECO also provided criteria engineering information for the plant design/construction and for building and process utilities.

The batch plant included pneumatic materials handling and mixing, and was designed for the same capacity as the furnace. However, materials handling and control system interfaces were provided to easily accomodate the addition of the second furnace at a later date.

The heat-up and commissioning of the project went smoothly and the fiberglass production started within three hours after pulling glass at the bushings.


Lighting Glass Project

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Lighting Glass Furnace

TECO design oxy-fuel furnace with ZEDTEC distributor and forehearths.

The TECO Group recently completed the installation and commissioning of a 200 ton per day oxy-fuel fired furnace along with the distributor, three (3) forehearths and batch plant modifications for the production of high quality lighting products. This furnace replaced a 165 ton per day electric melter, which was designed and built by TECO in the mid 1970s. The reason for the change was the increase in capacity requirement, as well as better production economics. TECO provided the engineering and project management. Dreicor of Hendersonville, NC was the installation contractor and also provided the fabricated steel and the assembled combustion skids.

The new furnace construction consisted of an AZS/alpha-beta alumina crown. The breastwalls were AZS in the charging area and the remainder being magnesia alumina spinel. The glass contact refractory was AZS. The furnace was fired by eight (8) Maxon Flat Flame staged-combustion burners.

The melter was also equipped with a camera/video system. The furnace “peep hole” covers were the sealed type for preventing air infiltration, thus minimizing NOx. KTG Engineering of the UK manufactured the four (4) sealed screw chargers which charge the oxy-fuel furnace. KTG Engineering also manufactured the sealed peep hole covers.

The distributor and three (3) forehearths were supplied by ZEDTEC Ltd of the UK. The forehearths were of the Rapid Cool type.

A control system was supplied for the furnace, distributor and forehearths as well as additional control loops assigned by the client. The batch plant was also upgraded and hardware and software modifications were provided that reduced the time cycle while improving the quality of the mixed batch.


Batch Plant Projects

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Batch Plant Modernizations

TECO has two (2) new batch plant modernizations in process. Two (2) domestic float glass manufacturers are modernizing their batch plants at the time of furnace rebuild. The modernizations are targeted at increasing glass quality (greater pack efficiency), increasing unloading capacity and increasing mixed batch production. The control systems are also being replaced with state-of-the-art PLC based controls with advanced statistical capability.

Whether addressing the needs of new raw material sources, new batch chemistries and glass formulations or improvements to the mechanical systems and controls that improve glass quality, TECO is at the forefront of new equipment, systems and control technologies which are part of the modernization and refurbishment of existing batch plants.