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Core Values

Core Values

Innovative Problem Solving

TECO combines its scientific capabilities with practical knowledge and experience to solve glass making problems, making TECO an innovator in the industry. We foster continuous improvement in process design and have been involved in many significant glassmaking improvements, such as electric melting and boosting, waste vitrification, oxy-fuel melting, solar glass (low iron) furnace and tin bath design, electronic display glass (TFT), and advanced glass melter and batch and cullet preheating.

Intellectual Honesty

We endeavor to never mislead, over-promise or under-deliver on our customer requirements. Each project is approached with an open mind and with all possibilities made available.

Confidentiality & Integrity

TECO’s policy on Confidentiality is to earnestly protect our client’s proprietary designs and technology.


We won’t gamble with your business! The Client can be assured that TECO can be depended upon throughout the project, to completion, and will be available for future, ongoing service and process performance reviews. Furthermore, TECO will always be ready and willing to assist you – our valued customer – on all your future projects.

What Our Values Mean for Your Project

By holding true to our core values we:

  • Have maintained an outstanding record of project implementation excellence
  • Can offer cost effective solutions
  • Foster long term partnerships
  • Help you by providing sound incremental improvements versus quantum leap recommendations
  • Have built an Engineering/Procurement/Construction (or EPC) network
    dedicated to the glass industry
  • We have expert knowledge in glass plant hot end technologies for:
    • Batching
    • Melting
    • Glass conditioning
    • Glass delivery
  • Are able to offer a diversity of solutions in glass furnace and process designs:
    • Furnaces: Electric, Regenerative, Recuperative, Oxy-Fuel, Electric Boost
    • Products: Float Glass, Rolled Glass, Tableware, Blown Glass, Fiberglass, Specialty Glass